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Over the last decade, Adelaide has embarked on an inspiring spiritual journey.

After deeply understanding the energy world, she also became a certified Angelic Reiki master teacher. In addition, she ventured into the world of abstract painting and other forms of artistic expression aside from photography.

Adelaide's artworks are more than just aesthetic creations. They are meditative journeys that take her on deep, inner dialogues. Each artwork is infused with her passion for spirituality and her unyielding belief that the universe is brimming with unconditional love and abundance.

As a tribute to her love for all things pure and positive, Adelaide established her brand "Waxiai," which means "I am Love" in Taiwanese. This brand reflects her firm belief that love is the highest frequency in the universe. With Waxiai, Adelaide hopes to share her light, positivity, and good vibes with the world through her art and unique, lovingly designed products.


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