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Klong Toey Slum is considered one of the oldest and largest slums in Bangkok. The slum came to be around 50 years ago when migrants from Northeastern Thailand came to Bangkok to work on the new Port of Bangkok or for other job opportunities. Many of them settle in the area and built their own community, the one without basic facilities such as water supply, electricity and waste removal from the government.

While most people are not aware of this poor area in Bangkok or those who know and tend to ignore, a group of young kids in Klong Toey slum come to train in an afterschool program of Muay Thai (Traditional Thai kick boxing, a national sport) at an outdoor gym with poor condition underneath the expressway every day. The training program has limited budget but provides kids with opportunities to keep off drugs and out of gangs in the slum. Furthermore, hope to make them out of the slum one day.

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